Next week…

We are going DARE crazy!

DARE reports need to be written.

DARE books need to be finished.

DARE graduation performances need to be rehearsed.

DARE shirts need collecting from the warehouse!


Officer Hand will  be so proud of us!

See you all tomorrow.


Next week…

Hi all,

I hope you are having a great weekend.

Here is what is happening next week.

Anti bullying week.


Young Leaders has been cancelled this week.

Bikeability level 2.

DARE song rehearsal on the stage.


Writing Anti Bullying week songs.


DARE group rehearsals

Visit from Paramedic Paul and Magistrate Janet.


Last DARE session with Officer Hand :o(


Conflict presentation in the hall. All homework to be in by today.

See you tomorrow,

Miss Mooney




Next week…

To all Blog followers…

Next week is very busy.


34 Young Leaders are back in training again.

Bikeability level two, for the 12 children that successfully passed their level one training last week.

At 2:30pm, we will be linking up live to the Tower of London for a national school assembly on Remembrance.


You will need to have read up to chapter 10 in Goodnight Mister Tom by today.


Year 6 will be leading the school liturgy. All parents/grandparents/friends and family are welcome to come along.

Officer Hand will be back in action for our penultimate DARE session!


In the afternoon, we will be starting to practice for the DARE graduation. Have some ideas ready by today please.

See you all tomorrow.


Things to look forward to next week.


Mrs McCay will be launching the ‘shoe box appeal’ in assembly.

34 children will be starting their young leader training.

12 children will be starting their Bike ability level 1 training.

We will be watching the beginning of Goodnight Mister Tom.


We will be starting our next Science topic on Light.


Time to start thinking about the DARE graduation!


Making 3D shapes from nets.

6AM class will have a double DARE session with Officer Hand.

Football tournament at Sutton Road Primary.


D.E.A.R with year 1 children.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Miss Mooney.




Just a reminder to all of you who are undertaking the Bikeability course, that it starts on Monday 3rd November -that’s the first Monday back!

You will need your bike, a fitted helmet and suitable footwear for riding your bike.

If you know of anyone doing Bikeability and you think they may have forgotten, would you please remind them.

Thanks a lot.

Mr. Annia and Miss Mooney