Goodbye, good luck and God bless

Wow year 6! What an amazing year. I’m really going to miss you all.  You are all so special, talented and unique. All Saints and Brunts are extremely lucky to be getting you as pupils.

Thank you for all the lovely gifts – you are so kind.

Look after each other and keep in touch.

Miss Mooney.


Sports over the Summer

Just wanted to check if anyone would be interested in coming to the school over the summer holidays to play some sports. Games will include: Football; Rounders; Netball; Basketball; Kwick Cricket and Tennis. If you are interested please let me know as these will be provided once per week for all year 6 students and they will be FREE.

Have a good weekend and keep practicing for the talent show!

Mr Evans

In less than 10 words describe our trip to Castlerigg Manor!

How did you feel whilst you were at Castlerigg Manor? Describe your experience in less that ten words.


Hi everyone!

Have you all recovered from our incredible week in Castlerigg?

I am still catching up on sleep!

Anyway, I hope you’ve managed to view all of the photos on Twitter.

On that note what were your best memories of the week?

There are so many – see how many we can remember!

Mr. Annia (a.k.a. Kid President)


A Pep Talk from Kid President to You YouTube thumb129 Change!

Any keen golfers out there?

After half term I will be starting some ‘Tri-Golf’ sessions ready for a competition coming up in June.

I hope you have all recovered from Castlerigg!

Make sure you have a good half term!!!

Mr Evans