Do you find the Blog useful?

Hi year six,

Mr Annia and I hope that you are all having a great half term.

It has come to our attention that not everyone uses the Blog. So we want to ask you whether you find it useful or not?

If you are an active user and post regular comments, or someone that just likes to come on and keep up date – please let us know.

If people find the Blog useful then we will continue posting updates and keep the site open.

Please let us know; we appreciate your comments.

Miss Mooney and Mr Annia.


6AM October Mathletics certificates so far…

Here we go…

Well done to the following children in my class:

Rebecca N – Bronze

Emily H – Bronze

Pascale – Bronze

Harry J – Bronze

Holly – Silver

Jack – Bronze

Daniel – Bronze

Harriet W – Bronze III

Harriet W – Silver

Lana – Bronze

Alfie – Bronze

Natalie – Bronze

Harriet S – Bronze

Zuzanna – Bronze

Well done everyone. You are all working so hard.

Almost everyone in 6AM is keeping on top of their Mathletics homework too.

Brilliant work.

Miss Mooney




Closing date for secondary school applications…

is this Friday!

If your parents haven’t done so already… they need to make sure that your secondary school application is complete by this Friday (31st October).

If they have any questions or concerns please ask them to get in touch.

Thank you,

Miss Mooney and Mr Annia.

6RA October Mathletics certificates so far…….

Super effort for October from the following mathematicians:

Abbie – bronze II/silver

Hope – bronze/silver

William – bronze

Meghan – bronze II

Kinga – silver/bronze

Cris – bronze IIII

Natalia – bronze III

Charlie W – bronze II/gold

Jin – bronze II

Ascend – bronze

Kamil – bronze II

Alex – bronze II/silver

Travis – bronze

Oedell – bronze II

Amour – bronze II

Caitlin – bronze

Christina – bronze

Thomas – bronze

Ayron – bronze II

Victoria – silver

Simona – bronze II

Charlie-May – bronze


A really good list.  Plenty of multiple certificates in there too.

Keep up the great efforts.

Mr. Annia


Half Term!

Hello everyone!

I do hope your all making the most of your holiday and this week off from school. 

There have been a few enquiries about homework  which means many of us are keeping busy, but I hope you are getting the chance to rest and relax also.

That said, it would be great to hear what you’ve been up to and how you are spending your time.

Have a safe holiday.

Mr. Annia and Miss Mooney

PS. There is a mistake within this message for the eagle eyed members of year 6…3 dojo points for the first correct response posted! Good luck!