Welcome back – week 1 done!

Hello everybody,

I hope you’ve had a good break over Christmas and New Year.  I suppose it seems like a long way away now having been back in school for a week.

Boosters have started, homework has been given out and the hard work is well under way.  Keep up with it all, put in the effort and you will succeed.

Any questions, as ever, please ask either myself, Miss Mooney, Mrs Caseley, Mrs Clarke or Madame Clarke.

Happy New Year!
Mr. Annia

Cryptic Carols!

Solve the clues to work out the carols?

For example:

Summon twice footballer Adebayor is………..  O Come,O Come Emmanuel.

Can you work out these?

1. The sounds of bells ring from the top of the steeple.

2. Small trio of royal men.

3. No noise between 8.00pm and 6.00am

Good luck.

Miss Mooney

An Alternative Christmas Challenge!

These Christmas challenges are going well!  So much so, that I am going to post one that is completely non-Christmas related!

5 Dojo Points to the first person with the correct answer….

What is a ‘dojo’?

That’s it!  First correct answer wins!  Mr. Annia/Miss Mooney’s decision is final!

Good luck.

Mr. Annia

Christmas challenge number 2!

Here we go…

Rearrange the letters to solve the anagrams?

Good luck.

Anagram 1 – Spice in ‘em (2)

Anagram 2 – He’s Fat, Smart, Rich (2)

Anagram 3 – Scathing mud drips (2)

Anagram 4 – Red Ernie (1)

Anagram 5 – Let in Things (2)

Christmas Challenge

In the run up to Christmas I thought we could have a bit of fun!

Solve the puzzle and receive 5 Dojo points!

Can you rearrange the letters in the anagrams below to make festive phrases? The numbers in brackets after each anagram indicate the number of words in the festive phrase.

First person to post the correct answers will win!

Good luck! Hohohohohohohohohohohohoooooo!


Anagram 1 – Travel and Dance (2)

Anagram 2 – Rich Star Meets (2)

Anagram 3 – Smashing tricks cost (2)

Anagram 4 – Wean again Mary (4)

Anagram 5 – Vicars Themes (2)