Holocaust Centre

Hello everyone!

Well, what a week it has been.

6RA finally got round to visiting the Holocaust Centre in Laxton.

All feedback so far has been great – the standard of your behaviour, and the thought you put into your questions was top drawer.

Inspired by Abbie’s comment elsewhere on the blog, I have set up this post to discuss all our thoughts and ideas based on the Holocaust Centre.

We have our follow-up workshops next week and I know you’re all looking forward to those.

Please use this unique experience; this is a great (and easy) way of adding to your Conflict project!

Let’s hear what you have to say….

Mr. Annia

Good luck footballers!

Hope you all enjoy the game today.

Do your best and don’t forget to let me know the score!

Good luck,

Miss M

This week…..

…is jam-packed!

Miss Mooney is unfortunately not with us but she does need to rest.  So our best wishes and prayers go to her (Wow, check out my BOYS sentence starter).

In the mean time we will have to make her proud.

This week then – Mrs Caseley will be in for much of this week.

Rabbi Perez is here on Monday for Judaism week.

Our Holocaust project officially begins this week.  Holocaust Centre staff will be in to work with you before your visits to Laxton next week.  It should be great fun.

There’s a boys football competition on Tuesday at Manor.

And DARE is still with us, but with a change; 6RA will have Double DARE because of 6AM’s Holocaust workshop.  However, 6AM you will have Double DARE next week – so no-one will miss out!

See you soon!
Mr. Annia

Prize for the 1000th comment.

So far you have added 375 comments on our Blog! Considering we haven’t even been back for half a term yet – that is incredible.

As an incentive to keep this going, I am offering the person that posts the 1000th comment a £10 book voucher.

Who will it be?

Good luck!

Miss Mooney.

September Mathletics certificates for 6RA

Here goes…….


Cris M – 4 certificates!  Bronze/gold – keep up the good work!








Great stuff from you lot, especially Cris.  You’ve set the bar high for September.  Let’s hope more get on board with Mathletics.

Dojo points to be awarded – who’s going to remind me?

Mr. Annia