10 weeks left and counting! And 2 of these are Easter holidays!

Not long left now until SATs. Hope you are all enjoying your booster sessions and not getting too worried about SATs. Please speak to a year 6 teacher if you need any help with anything at all.

Here’s a reminder of our SATs revision tips:

Use the following tips to help you reach your maximum potential:-

1. Choose a place to revise where you will not be distracted.
2. Drink plenty of water. Water stops your brain dehydrating and will help you
concentrate for longer.
3. Get plenty of sleep. If you are tired, you will never perform to the best of your
4. Take a short break every 20 minutes.
5. If you get stuck on something, come back to it later or ask a teacher / parent to
6. Reward yourself for working hard. It might be playing out, watching a favourite TV
programme or having a snack.
7. Study in short sessions, but often. Don’t spend hours working away!

BBC site is always good to use and free

We have subscribed to Compare 4 Kids

Good luck – keep up the good work year 6!

Miss Mooney and Mr. Annia.

Read for my school competition this week!

This week’s prize is brought to you by
59146983 4490 4a2d b3cf 0896720f1f1a Read for my school competition this week!
This week, we have 25 Monsoon Accessorize gift cards, each worth £10, to give away to 25 lucky readers!

Pupils who have read 5 books or more in total by the end of this week will automatically be entered into the prize draw to win one of these special gift cards. Winners will be announced on the website one week after the prize draw closes. Click here to find out more about this prize.

Read for my school

This week all reading challenges should be completed on the read for my school website.

Read for My School is a national schools reading competition that promotes reading  by challenging pupils to read as many books as possible across two months of the spring term. Throughout the competition there are prizes and awards to be won for schools and pupils taking part.

Read for My School will run from 19 January to 20 March 2015 and is open to all children in primary school Years 3 to 6 and secondary school Years 7 and 8 throughout England.

Our classroom code is 127836

prereg 01 Read for my school

Happy reading,

Miss Mooney.

Welcome back – week 1 done!

Hello everybody,

I hope you’ve had a good break over Christmas and New Year.  I suppose it seems like a long way away now having been back in school for a week.

Boosters have started, homework has been given out and the hard work is well under way.  Keep up with it all, put in the effort and you will succeed.

Any questions, as ever, please ask either myself, Miss Mooney, Mrs Caseley, Mrs Clarke or Madame Clarke.

Happy New Year!
Mr. Annia

Cryptic Carols!

Solve the clues to work out the carols?

For example:

Summon twice footballer Adebayor is………..  O Come,O Come Emmanuel.

Can you work out these?

1. The sounds of bells ring from the top of the steeple.

2. Small trio of royal men.

3. No noise between 8.00pm and 6.00am

Good luck.

Miss Mooney