As requested by Meghan, and in light of Harriet W’s question today, a new page dedicated to SATs has arrived!

Post any questions/thoughts/ideas etc. on here.

Apologies Harriet as Mr. Annia was supposed to work out the answers to those questions but didn’t have them in school – hope to mark them either during boosters or on Friday.

A dojo point to anyone who can tell me what sentence type the very first sentence in this post is.

Mr. Annia


  1. Harriet says:

    When we go to Castlerigg what clothes do we need because I’m going shopping and going to get clothes for the trip.

    • 6ra says:

      Morning Harriet,
      We will be issuing a kit list when we get back. That doesn’t help you much! However, you need sensible clothes for walking and for most weather conditions. We had a little bit of rain last year but mostly sunshine. Walking boots are essential as there are many different walks/routes we can take. Sun cream, cuddly toy etc are all recommended! I’ll see if I can find the list we used last year to give you an even better idea.
      Let me know if you have any other queries!
      Mr Annia

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you!

    • Meghan says:

      Do we get given walking boots or do we have to buy them?

    • 6AM says:

      Hi Meghan, have a look at the kit list that I have just posted.
      You can bring your own or hire them from the centre.

  2. Ayron says:

    I had a brill time at the swimming gala yesterday and St Philip Neri worked so hard to become second , I think the rest of the team will think the same .

    • 6ra says:

      Become second or come second?
      A superb effort from St Philip Neri! Thanks Ayron. I’m sure you and our team did the school proud.
      Mr. Annia

  3. 6ra says:

    Both of you can have a dojo point from me!
    Mr Annia

  4. Ayron says:

    In mathletics, I find it difficult to do algebra[ as to work out equations] .

  5. Meghan says:

    Is subordinate clause the answer?

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