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Welcome to the new School Council blog page.

Thanks to Jin for requesting this facility. Here is the place to voice any concern you may have. The school councillors will then take the matters to their meetings.

Happy blogging!

Mr. Annia and Miss Mooney


  1. OLIVER says:

    This week I read an amazing book called …
    We live in China.
    This book book was really educational but at the same time
    it was really fun to read.I really enjoyed this book
    and learn about China in the 1900s.

    This book was really enjoyable so Im going to give
    this book a 10 out of 10

  2. Ayron says:

    Did school council organize the dining room extension.
    where did we get the money from.

    * It turns out that I cannot find the question mark button so i can not write it down .
    Sorry .

  3. Ayron says:

    Do not forget to mention about the sports court issues .

  4. Jin says:

    The Dining Room is going to be refurbished, so are the toilets. We want to know what colour you want the toilets to painted, boys and girls toilets might be a diferent colour. Air fresherners are also going to be put in place.

    • Jin says:

      The dirty bit near the chessboard will be checked by Mr. Lewis and will hopefully be got rid of.

    • 6AM says:

      Thank you for the updates Jin. It sounds like you are doing a great job!

    • Meghan says:

      For the colour of girls can it be purple. And great job for getting air fresheners put in place thanks Jin

    • Harriet says:

      Hi Meghan,
      we will be having a survey to choose the colours of the boy’s and girl’s toilets.

      I will try and make sure purple gets on the survey!!!

  5. Meghan says:

    Can we put our suggestions on the blog if we think of any at the weekend?

  6. Jin says:

    Lots of things in the Suggestion Box so far! Most of them are asking for air-fresheners in the boys and girls toilets!

  7. Jin says:

    Thanks for the great suggestions from the suggestion box today, great ideas!

    • Ayron says:

      What are you going to do with the suggestions, Jin .

    • Jin says:

      Normally, every Wednesday when we have our meeting, Kinga takes the suggestion box down, then Mrs Heath will look at them and see if their sensible enough (so will Harriet and I), then we try and do that if possible.

  8. Jin says:

    In our school council meetings, we are talking how to make Mansfield a better place(you can put ideas on the blog or the ‘Suggestion Box’).
    Kinga has made a ‘Suggestion Box’ near the french calender where you can put any questions, ideas… for us to talk in meetings.
    From Jin-Tao

    • 6ra says:

      What about 6AM? Or are Year 6 using the Suggestion Box in our room?
      Mr. Annia

    • Jin says:

      Miss Mooney’s class are getting one but I’m not sure if Harriet or Jack has brought it in yet.

    • Harriet says:

      I have brought a suggestion box in and for everyone in my class our box is on the piano.
      p.s.could we have some suggestions because we haven’t had any yet and we need some more suggestions in the school council.

  9. Ayron says:

    Can you talk us into more GOLDEN TIME Jin . Please

  10. Jin says:

    Hello Mr. Annia and Miss. Mooney, I am deputy-chairperson of school council. Harriet is a great chairperson!
    From Jin.

  11. Harriet says:

    Hello Miss Mooney and Mr Annia I am chairperson of school council.
    From Harriet.

    • 6AM says:

      Hi Harriet. I accidentally deleted your message asking whether I will be back after half term! Sorry about that.
      I am very pleased and excited to say that yes I am! I am looking forward to seeing you all.
      Miss Mooney

    • Jin says:

      That’s great, Miss Mooney!

    • Harriet says:

      That’s great news Miss Mooney.
      We missed you a lot.
      From Harriet

    • 6AM says:

      That’s lovely Harriet. I have been keeping in touch with Mr Annia and Mrs Caseley and I have been really impressed with how hard you have all been working.
      I’m really looking forward to seeing you all and looking at the work you have been doing with the Holocaust Centre.
      Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
      Miss Mooney.

    • Ayron says:

      That is great to hear , so Miss Mooney will be back in mission .

    • Jin says:

      It’s great having you back after the half-term! (Hope no more accidents happen or else we have no more Year 6 teachers left! That wouldn’t be good.)

  12. 6AM says:

    Now this IS a good idea!

    Can I suggest an idea please?

    Could the School Council please discuss lunch time ideas for our Young Leaders. What sports/activities would children like the Young Leaders to provide during lunch times?
    If you need any equipment purchasing please let me know asap and I will order it for you.

    I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas.

    Thank you,

    Miss Mooney.

    • 6ra says:

      We need a good variety of activities in my opinion!
      Mr. Annia

    • Jin says:

      Okay. We have already talked a little bit about sporting equipment in the school council meetings already. I’ll tell the other school council at our next meeting if possible but that’s good you pointed that out Miss Mooney, thanks!

  13. Ayron says:

    So this section I think is for school council ideas .

  14. 6ra says:

    So Jin, was this what you wanted?
    Mr Annia

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