6RA October Mathletics certificates so far…….

Super effort for October from the following mathematicians:

Abbie – bronze II/silver

Hope – bronze/silver

William – bronze

Meghan – bronze II

Kinga – silver/bronze

Cris – bronze IIII

Natalia – bronze III

Charlie W – bronze II/gold

Jin – bronze II

Ascend – bronze

Kamil – bronze II

Alex – bronze II/silver

Travis – bronze

Oedell – bronze II

Amour – bronze II

Caitlin – bronze

Christina – bronze

Thomas – bronze

Ayron – bronze II

Victoria – silver

Simona – bronze II

Charlie-May – bronze


A really good list.  Plenty of multiple certificates in there too.

Keep up the great efforts.

Mr. Annia


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  1. Ayron says:

    Mr Annia I need some new tests , for mathletics.

  2. Caitlin says:

    Just popping on mathletics.

  3. 6AM says:

    Wow! Mr Annia’s class have been busy. I wonder if my class have as many certificates? Watch this space…

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