Just a reminder to all of you who are undertaking the Bikeability course, that it starts on Monday 3rd November -that’s the first Monday back!

You will need your bike, a fitted helmet and suitable footwear for riding your bike.

If you know of anyone doing Bikeability and you think they may have forgotten, would you please remind them.

Thanks a lot.

Mr. Annia and Miss Mooney

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  1. bradley says:

    How are you William.

  2. bradley says:

    hello everyone

  3. Jin says:

    How long does the Bike-ability course last for?

  4. Jin says:

    Well done to you all for passing your exams. Hope you have enjoyed your first lesson with the Bike-ability trainer.

  5. Ayron says:

    Well I can not ride a bike , anyway .

  6. Ayron says:

    Well I can not ride a bike , anyway

  7. charlie says:

    Bikeability was really fun yesterday i can not wait till next week, i wish all off you could do this spectacular opertunity.

  8. Ayron says:

    Sounds like fun to the people who are doing Bike-ability .

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