Closing date for secondary school applications…

is this Friday!

If your parents haven’t done so already… they need to make sure that your secondary school application is complete by this Friday (31st October).

If they have any questions or concerns please ask them to get in touch.

Thank you,

Miss Mooney and Mr Annia.

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  1. 6ra says:

    Hi Ayron,
    unfortunately I can’t check if your application is in. It doesn’t come into our school.
    Your parents will need to ring School Admissions at Notts. County Council on 01623 433499.
    The sooner this is done, the better. If possible, they should ring tomorrow.
    Hope that helps.

    Mr. Annia – thanks Miss Mooney too!

  2. Ayron says:

    Mr Annia can you make sure if i have handed mine in .

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