Do you find the Blog useful?

Hi year six,

Mr Annia and I hope that you are all having a great half term.

It has come to our attention that not everyone uses the Blog. So we want to ask you whether you find it useful or not?

If you are an active user and post regular comments, or someone that just likes to come on and keep up date – please let us know.

If people find the Blog useful then we will continue posting updates and keep the site open.

Please let us know; we appreciate your comments.

Miss Mooney and Mr Annia.


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  1. Ayron says:

    People are beginning to use the blog now .Which is a relief .

  2. Ayron says:

    The problem is ,that the majority of the people in year6 are not using the blog .

  3. Ayron says:

    I think I have improved in punctuation Mr Annia .

  4. Ayron says:

    What is the blue colored number at the top of our blog , near the title .

  5. 6ra says:

    I agree with everything that has been said….however, 3/63 means that 60 children are NOT using the blog!
    Mr. Annia

  6. Jin says:

    I think I’m an active user. I just like going on and seeing how everyone is and getting new information.

    • Ayron says:

      I think I am an active user as well Jin , I use it at least 5 times a week .

  7. Harriet says:

    I think the blog is useful because if you are stuck on something like mathletics you can quickly type it up and your teachers can answer it and give you a link to help you.
    From Harriet.

  8. Jin says:

    I think the blog is a great way to communicate with school and home. It is also good how you can ask the teachers if you are stuck on a question in a assessment book.

  9. Jin says:

    I think the blog is running smoothly. I’m just finishing off my Conflict Project (William and Ascend gave me this idea!).

  10. Ayron says:

    yes it helps us communicate with the school and home .

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