Good luck footballers!

Hope you all enjoy the game today.

Do your best and don’t forget to let me know the score!

Good luck,

Miss M

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  1. Ayron says:

    The footballers will do great throughout the year . I know it .

    • 6ra says:

      Thanks Ayron. Nice of you to say so. Let’s hope the cricketers can do as well!
      Mr Annia

  2. 6AM says:

    Mr Annia has told me the result boys! I really think penalties are a harsh way to decide any game! Really well done for battling through the pouring rain and sticking together as a team. I’m really proud of you.
    A big thank you to Lewis P’s mum for providing drinks and snacks too! That is exceptionally kind.
    See you all soon and keep training hard boys.
    We have loads more matches coming up. Including a Fustal competition.
    Miss M.

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