Next week…

Hi all,

I hope you are having a great weekend.

Here is what is happening next week.

Anti bullying week.


Young Leaders has been cancelled this week.

Bikeability level 2.

DARE song rehearsal on the stage.


Writing Anti Bullying week songs.


DARE group rehearsals

Visit from Paramedic Paul and Magistrate Janet.


Last DARE session with Officer Hand :o(


Conflict presentation in the hall. All homework to be in by today.

See you tomorrow,

Miss Mooney




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  1. Harriet says:

    Hi everyone,
    just wanted to say that everyone’s conflict projects were
    AAAAAMMMMMMAAAAAAZZZZZIIIIINNNNNNGGGG. I think everyone should have the outstanding award and I don’t know how Mr Annia and Miss Mooney will be able to decide.
    Well done everyone.

  2. HOPE says:

    Earned a mathletics certificate. Mr Annia please can you put me some more tasks up. thankyou.

  3. HOPE says:

    To all of the bloggers, does anyone have any suggestions to make Mine, Charlie-may’s, Caitlin’s and Victoria’s D.A.R.E performance better. Please come see me at any play or lunch or golden time if you do. thankyou.

  4. HOPE says:

    Hello, Have had a lovely day and cannot believe how fast time has flown with Officer hand and through all of year 6. WOW.

  5. Jin says:

    Mr. Annia told us, we need to bring in the conflict project in on Thursday.

  6. HOPE says:

    I have rap that my mum sang at her DARE performance:

    We like DARE
    we think it’s cool
    don’t take drugs
    don’t be a fool
    smokings bad
    sniffing cannabis
    we don’t like any of this
    Drug, Abuse, Resistance, Education
    don’t get in a bad situation.

  7. HOPE says:

    Had a great day today, earnt a medal in gymnastics at all saints today. Got to catch up with sats practice with Kinga and Amour because we all went to gymnastics. Sorted out D.A.R.E groups and I am so happy to have Mr Annia back to teach me.

  8. HOPE says:

    I have added up all of our top commenters scores and I got 479 so if you round that up to the nearest 100 you will get 500 so there will be around 500 comments on the blog possibly more. And also can i bring my conflict homework in early because most of it is on a memory stick?

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