This week…..

…is jam-packed!

Miss Mooney is unfortunately not with us but she does need to rest.  So our best wishes and prayers go to her (Wow, check out my BOYS sentence starter).

In the mean time we will have to make her proud.

This week then – Mrs Caseley will be in for much of this week.

Rabbi Perez is here on Monday for Judaism week.

Our Holocaust project officially begins this week.  Holocaust Centre staff will be in to work with you before your visits to Laxton next week.  It should be great fun.

There’s a boys football competition on Tuesday at Manor.

And DARE is still with us, but with a change; 6RA will have Double DARE because of 6AM’s Holocaust workshop.  However, 6AM you will have Double DARE next week – so no-one will miss out!

See you soon!
Mr. Annia

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  1. Charlie says:

    Hi Mr Annia, i love it in year 6 it is not as hard as i thought yet, in year 5 i thought it would be reallly hard.

  2. Abbie says:

    Thank you for the great trip today Mr.Annia I really liked the holocaust survivor tell us her story.

    • 6ra says:

      Hi Abbie. Glad you enjoyed it. You took a real interest in the whole trip and asked some great questions.
      We should thank the Holocaust Centre really.
      Let’s get some messages from people at school tomorrow and we can send them to the Centre.
      3 Dojo points for you!
      Mr. Annia

    • Jin says:

      I thought that the best part was when the Holocaust survivor told us her story, it was really fascinating! I was very interested with how many places she had travelled and how she could cope with it, also how she survived!
      It was a tragic story but she was lucky!
      It was a great choice to go to the Holocaust Centre this year, thanks Miss Mooney and Mr Annia, also the Holocaust Centre itself!

  3. Jin says:

    I’ve had a fantastic day with Mrs. Clark today. Hope you are both well, Miss Mooney and Mr Annia. Miss Mooney, is your leg feeling better (You miss the trip to the Holocaust Centre with your class, what a shame!:( ) Hope to see you both soon!

    P.S.: When are we getting our Purple Mash logins? Mr Annia, you said that we will get it when we use Purple Mash in school but aren’t you able to use the program out of school?
    Thank You

    • 6AM says:

      Hi Jin, I know – I’m gutted that I missed the trip! I really hope my class enjoyed it. 6AM don’t seem to be using the Blog a lot; which is a real shame.
      Purple Mash is fantastic. I’ll have a chat to Mr. Annia and Mrs Caseley. Thanks Jin.

    • Jin says:

      Thank You, Miss Mooney, your great ( so are you Mr Annia).

  4. Luke B says:

    Officer Hand was hilarious. He always made us giggle – funniest man alive. Hope you enjoy it and the dare production. Try and beat me and Shaqueals presenting it made us all smile so good luck!
    Luke B

    • 6ra says:

      Thanks Luke – great memories for sure. Hope you are well.
      Mr. Annia

  5. Hope says:

    I have had a great day, I wrote a letter to Miss Mooney and completed it, I really miss you Miss Mooney and I hope you get better soon.

    • 6AM says:

      Thank you Hope. I really can’t wait to come back – hopefully it will be soon. I look forward to reading your letter. That’s really kind of you.
      Miss Mooney.

  6. hope says:

    I have been on mathletics all morning and i have completed all of my tasks for this week, i have eared a bronze award certificate with 1767 points for this week and i tried to get onto spellodrome but it wouldn’t let me. I
    have had a great week.

    • 6ra says:

      Great to see you on Mathletics Hope. I shall ensure your certificate is printed out for Friday – I may need some reminding. I will look into Spelladrome.
      Make sure you put a capital H at the beginning of your name – no capital, no post!
      Mr. Annia

  7. Ayron says:

    It’s been a really good week with lots of fun activities . Also I cannot wait till our holocaust trip .

    • 6ra says:

      Neither can I Ayron. We should have plenty of time to review our trip afterwards.
      Mr. Annia

  8. Jin says:

    Mr Annia, have you given out the spellings yet? Are we getting the logins on Monday?

    • 6AM says:

      Mr Annia will reply to this when he logs on next Jin. I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to this at the moment.

    • 6ra says:

      Spellings were given out at the end of the day on Friday. You were with Mrs Clarke but a set were put on your table. If you don’t have them then we will sort you out a set on Monday.
      Mr. Annia

    • Jin says:

      Thank you Mr Annia. Miss Mooney, are you coming back to school on Monday, hope you do!:)

    • 6ra says:

      It’s ok Jin. I’m sure you will catch up despite not having them to learn over the weekend.
      Mr. Annia

  9. Jin says:

    Great week so far. Can’t wait for the Holocaust Centre trip, it is going to be great!!

    • 6ra says:

      I hope everyone has the same amount of enthusiasm as you Jin. They should do, it will be great.
      Mr. Annia

    • Luke says:

      The Holocaust centre was my favourite trip apart from castlerigg that was epic. Blows Hathersage out of the water. Hope you enjoy it all I mean all of year 6 I certainly did. And Miss Mooney and Mr Annia are the best teachers ever and for ever will be enjoy!

    • 6AM says:

      Hi Luke.
      It’s great to hear from you. Thank you for saying how great Castlerigg was. I must admit, it’s the best trip I have ever been on too!
      Keep up the good work at All Saints.
      Miss M.

  10. 6AM says:

    Good evening everyone.

    Sounds like it’s going to be an exciting week and much better than mine!!

    Hope you’re all having a good time and working extremely hard.

    Get some rest Miss Mooney and look after yourself!

    Good luck to the football team and please let me know how the Holocaust Workshops go!!

    Mr Evans

    • 6AM says:

      Thanks Mr. Evans.

    • Jin says:

      Our Holocaust workshop was fantastic, Marian talked about identity and how we reveal our identity. It was fantastic! On Thursday 16th October, 6RA are going to The Holocaust Centre and Museum, I think it’s going to be supurb!
      6RA also had double DARE, Officer Hand was really funny, too bad you missed it, it was great fun!

      Hope you are okay, Mr Evans, hoping to see you soon!
      Hope you are okay Miss Mooney and hope your leg gets better soon!

    • 6AM says:

      Jin it sounds like you are having a great week. I’m upset that I have missed the Holocaust workshops and that I didn’t see Officer Hand today. He always manages to make me smile.
      Thank you for your kind words too Jin.
      See you all soon.

    • 6AM says:

      I’m great thanks Jin. Thank you for the update, sounds like it’s been a good week!

      See you soon!

      Mr Evans

  11. 6AM says:

    Ahhhh thank you Mr. Annia. Yes I am resting lots, but missing you all too. I am not very good at sitting doing nothing!

    I hope that you all have a great week. I am really sad that I will be missing the Holocaust workshops and Judaism week. Trust me to miss all the exciting things.

    Good luck footballers – get a win for St. Philips.

    Keep in touch everyone.

    Miss Mooney.

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