Year 6AM assembly ideas

Post your suggestions for our class assembly here. Thank you for your idea Nathan.

Also make sure you invite your parents to come along – it would be great to see them if they can make it.

Miss Mooney.


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  1. Cal says:

    Looking forward to dinging in blue jelly.

  2. Cal & Finn's Mum says:

    Callum is missing you all & is desperate to be back at school to be part of Friday’s assembly! I bet it will be brilliant as you all work really hard!

  3. 6AM says:

    The preparations for our class assembly are going really well. Thank you everyone for your contributions and hard work so far!

  4. Hope says:

    Enjoyed D.A.R.E on Thursday, Mr Annia is funny but Officer Hand is funnier, LOL.

  5. Hope says:

    Dear Miss Mooney and Mr Annia,
    I don’t know what a noun, proper noun or an adverb is? 🙂

    • 6AM says:

      Ok Hope. We will be covering this in class very soon. If somebody answers this question before then they can have 2 dojo points.

    • ayron says:

      Hope a noun is a place,person,thing or name a adverb is a word that describes the verb and finally a proper noun is a name of a person or place.

  6. Ayron says:

    Are you going to talk about our first dare lesson.

  7. ayron says:

    I can’t wait to see your class assembly I know it’s going to be good.(can’t wait)

  8. 6AM says:

    Nathan’s idea from another post.

    Miss. Mooney I have got an idea for our class assembly. We could chose a group from Friday when we were doing our machines work and they can go through and explain their machine.

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